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'To help those in need get moving…'


© Copyright 2000-2017. All rights reserved. Purinapaq | Friends Walking Together is a Chapter of
Humanitarian Mobility International, a Canadian Registered Charity Organization: 83368 8757 RR0001.

About us


Our vision is for all physically challenged individuals living in economically distressed regions to have easy access to the equipment and supplies required for their daily lives. We should all have the right to live the life we choose and fulfill our dreams without restriction due to our physical conditions or circumstances.


Our mission is to help those in need get moving. We systematically procure, repair, and distribute gently used powered/non-powered wheelchairs, scooters and other assistive devices for those who require mobility assistance around the world.  We equip these individuals with the knowledge and tools required to be independent, self-confident and fully engaged in their respective societies.

Purinapaq is a Non-Profit Organization that promotes the fundamental rights of persons with physical and sensory disabilities.

We have recently partnered with Humanitarian Mobility International (HMI), a Registered Canadian Charity.  With our similar mandates, we continue to extend our reach in order to positively affect the lives of those in need.  

As part of our mandate, we have developed programs to assist families and communities better understand and accept those living with disabilities. With more acceptance, these special needs individuals can positively contribute to their societies through art, public speaking, technology and other avenues.  The first step is opening our hearts, the rest always comes naturally.

‘United we move forward together…’

Who We Are

Purinapaq was founded in 2007 with one clear and concise mission:

'To help those in need get moving'.  With that simple premise, we've been able to partner with numerous organizations who believe in our mission including Storage Mart Inc, Motion Specialties, Hearing Solutions, Shoppers Home Health Care and more.  As of this year (2017), we've collected and distributed 18 full-sized shipping containers worth of re-purposed and gently used mobility devices such as powered/non-powered wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, crutches, commode chairs and lifters.

This has helped transform the lives of countless underprivileged and economically distressed people who have suffered from catastrophic accidents, conflict, natural disasters and deformities.  Our work has also lessened the carbon footprint caused by junking or discarding this specialized equipment; we at Purinapaq are making sure it's going into the right hands and not into a landfill.

Purinapaq | Friends Walking Together, is a Chapter of Humanitarian Mobility International,

a Canadian Registered Charity Organization: 83368 8757 RR0001.