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'To help those in need get moving…'


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Humanitarian Mobility International, a Canadian Registered Charity Organization: 83368 8757 RR0001.

'To help those in need get moving…’

Make a difference in the lives of People with Disabilities today

Spinal Cord Injury

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What does Purinapaq mean? Our name is derived from the Inca language, native to Peru. Pronounced 'pooree-naapac', the Incan verb for 'walk' is 'puri' and 'napaq' is loosely translated to 'let us go'.  

This term has been used for centuries by the Incan communities of South America and symbolizes partnership both physically and spiritually with our families, friends, communities and our planet.  Purinapaq represents the path we follow together in our journey of life, regardless of the circumstances, we walk together in solidarity.

Our Impact


Purinapaq has been providing access to assistive devices for underprivileged and economically distressed individuals with special needs or disabilities, locally in Canada and around the world since 2007.

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Friends Walking Together

Our Impact