'To help those in need get moving…'

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Get Involved

We are so grateful for your generosity and support. As careful stewards of your gifts,
we manage our revenue and expenditures for the greatest possible impact to
People with disabilities and their families


Deepen your company’s social impact and corporate brand. Purinapaq can also feature our gift-in-kind partners in social media, recognizing your company for its generosity.


People with Disabilities and their families can use your unsaleables equipments and additional items such as medical supplies, personal care items, and other products. Our volunteers can respond quickly and pick up your inventory across the city, allowing you to free up your valuable space and give to a great cause! Our work has also lessened the carbon footprint caused by junking or discarding this specialized equipment; we at Purinapaq are making sure it's going into the right hands and not into a landfill.


Your company and business can receive tax benefits on the products and services that you donate to help in our mission. To get started today, contact us at info@purinapaq.org.

Donate equipment and services

When we work together with Individuals, associations and corporate sponsors, we are able to make a greater impact in the lives of people with disabilities and their families locally and around the world. See how you and your company can make a difference to communities in need.

Donate an equipment to help vulnerable people with disabilities around the world. Individuals and corporations that donate items like powered/non-powered wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, crutches, commode chairs and lifters play a huge role in the work we do. To learn more, contact us at info@purinapaq.org.


These essential sponsorships provide a unique opportunity to impact the lives of People with Disabilities their families and communities around the world. Sponsoring is a way to have a global impact.